Monday, October 12, 2009


Well not officially till Wednesday, but its FINALLY happening!! Pics to come soon! Both before and after...its a little fixer upper but it will be worth it!

Friday, July 31, 2009

These Last 3 Months!

Ok So I am the worlds WORST blogger!!! But thanks for having to go in early to work and my patient not showing I decided I better update :) This summer has gone by so fast but has been amazing. I just decided to post photos of our summer adventures.
So here ya go.

Shauntae, Bryan, Sierra and RJ at the Chuckars game
My sister came to town for a couple of weeks and while she was here we celebrated Laineys 3rd she is blowing out her candles!

Eric and Lainey getting ready to celebrate "HER birthday"

We went camping for our family reunion which was a blast. Here is Ky catching crawdads... I couldn't bring myself to touch them :)

Kyrin and Eric fishing!
OK for the next couple of pics here is the story: In May Scott, Jason, Me and my dad made the long treck up to Moscow Idaho to see my sister who just had a baby. We had Kyrins baptism and then on Sunday they blessed Ellie. It was a fast 2 days but was well worth the 12 hour drive with my brothers :)

Me and baby Ellie
Ellie in her blessing dress. My mom made this dress isn't she amazing!!?!?

My whole family minus Leah and Aunna and Eric
Girls in Pink.
Me and Kyrin

We started out summer out with a wonderful vacation! Eric and I went to California to a cruise to Santa Catalina Island, and Ensanda Mexico...It was an adventure! We then spent a day at Sea World and then went to Las Vegas for 3 days.. Needless to say after 10 days we didn't want to come home. Here are a few pictures trying to represent our vacation :)


Sea World...this is my favority picture of Eric... :)

Waiting for the show to start on our cruise

Formal night

Well thats a SHORT summary of our summer thus far. Sorry I'm such a horrible blogger! Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer

Friday, May 15, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009


For all of you who don't know, Eric and I are playing on a summer co-ed softball league. We had our first game tonight and we WON :) 19-6 baby! It has been FOREVER since i have played but it was alot of fun. Eric even said i was the best player :) (probably because he knows he has to sleep in the same bed as me...but i'll take it as a compliment) I never stuck out though so thats always a good thing...and only 2 bruises!! one on my stomach (don't didn't even happen int he game so im not sure i should count it) and one on my shin. Anyways the season goes till Aug so it should be a long fun summer of softball

And now for the shoe story:

Eric decided that i needed cleats for this summer league we're on. Well, me being the cheap person I am said no way...well we compromised and I said as long as they were under $20 I would get some. So we went to Sports Authority and they were having a big sale. Well of course, we all know the "youth shoes" are cheaper so I went for that. I can't fit into womens youth but i can men so i found a pair and they were only $15. Well Eric decided since they were such a good deal he needed some new ones too. Well he just happened to pick out the SAME shoes I picked out...same color and everything! My response: PEOPLE ARE GOING TO KNOW I HAVE BOY SHOES NOW!!!! Oh well i guess. we still got them because they were cheap. Heres a pic :)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Girls Reunion

This past weekend was WONDERFUL! I threw a baby shower for my bestfriend from highschool and 3 other girls (coming from Utah and Oregon) were also able to attend. It was a blast to get together and reminisce about the "old times". Its crazy to think that most of us are married and either have kids or have them on the way.
Lily with Kallie(3), Kendra with her Ashton (6 weeks),
pregnant Brianna :), Me with Kobe (Lilys 4 yr old) and Kim J
WORLAND HIGH GIRLS! Class of 04 :)

Me and Lily

Kendra and me
Isn't her belly just so cute :) Brianna and I
Kim J!
Also, I tried to be "crafty" for this baby shower and decided to make Brianna a diaper cake. I look online to get some ideas and then (with Erics help) threw something together. My sister wanted to see pics so here you go Becki

So they say great minds think alike...
well i guess Kendra and I have GREAT MINDS!
We both made Brianna a diaper cake!
Luckily Kendra used Newborn sized diapers
and I used size 1 so i think it will work out!

*** Sorry i know some of the post aren't under the pictures..but im too tired to try and figure it out...i'll get this blog thing sooner or later :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hi Everyone... Well I have had lots of people asking me to do a blog so here is an attempt. Im not sure even how to do it and more then likely i will probably forget about this within a month...But im trying :)
Eric and I are still living in Pocatello, ID where I am working as a PTA for RehabAuthrotiy Physical Therapy. Eric is still going to school at Idaho State University. I think he is ready for spring break. Right now he only has 13 credits but has 3 labs 4 nights a week. I must admit, I am also ready for night labs to be over since the only time i am home from work is at night. But i guess you gotta do what you gotta do right? Well thats all for now, I will try my best to continue updating. Hopefully (if i can figure it out) I will post pictures when i get time!
Hope you all have a wonderful day!